Many legends, poems and tales praise the sacred lake. 

And our first dog race in history of the lake also pays tribute to Baikal. 
There is a special enchantment in gliding over transparent ice on a sled or skies,in running dogs,in the shores of the lake, in unpredictable Baikal weather. 



 You can feel the vast space with every cell of your body, you are tied to your team with each of your nerves, you can sense unbelievable depth of the cleanest water in the world under a meter-layer of ice. 

You can't hold your breath! Baikal offers you to overcome a challenge: winds, ice hummocks, sun, but at the same time it gives you strength and a chance to temper your character. 

 No man is an island - he always looks for friends among people or animals. A dog is the most loyal and reliable friend. It shows you its love and trust silently, hoping to get the same in return. You can't fail your friend, therefore you must move only forward. The goal of each participant of the race is to reach the harmony between this trinity: the man, the dog and the lake. 

 Modern technology allows to move with comfort and speed over long distances. Many snowmobiles, cars and lorries cross the lake over its ice. An unexpected shall happen and the vehicle won't support you, won't be able to help and give you warmth, it will only stay there as a pile of cold useless metal which could not be moved by your pleas. But the dog will be with you in a such difficult moment, it will warm you, make you realize that you are not alone in this and together you can overcome everything.   


   People come to the lake from every corner of the world in search of life-giving air, to feel the strength of the wind, to see the beauty known only from pictures. The majestic lake is a great gift to humanity and we are responsible for its preservation. Sinking cars harm the lake, but there is no harm in pulled by dogs sleds which slide swiftly over glistening with the sun ice. This picture is only joy to people's eyes, and it seems, this existed forever: blue ice, snow peaks, high sky and running in the distance dog team.


May it be so and may it happen!